We bring to you the most complete full service LIPOSCULPTURE LASER, the procedure is more effective and painless in molding and shaping your body.

The LIPOSCULPTURE LASER or laser lipolysis (which means destruction of adipose or fat cells using a laser diode) is a surgical procedure.


The laser used in liposculpture: a beam of light invisible to the human eye, specially calibrated to act on cells that contain fat (adipocytes or lipocytes) found under the skin (subcutaneous tissue).


When you turn the laser on it causes fat cells to overheat and begin their transformation into oil, and subsequent destruction occurs. Likewise, there is a laser effect on the dermis (deep skin layer) by stimulating the formation and remodeling of collagen and elastin fibers, obtaining a retraction effect, remodeling and skin resurfacing. In turn this eliminates sagging skin and tissue in specific areas treated.




Plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon

Jalisco, México/ Zulia, Venezuela

Academic Studies :


• University of Zulia School of Medicine Title: Surgeon

• Postgraduate Course in General Surgery, Title: Surgeon General

• University of Guadalajara, Jaliscience Institute of Plastic Surgery, plastic and reconstructive, Title: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

• Manhattan Ear, Eye and Throat Hospital, New York, USA, Title: Fellowship in facial rejuvenetation and body contouring

• Fellowship, Dr. Constantin Mendieta, augmentation, buttock firming and remodeling, Miami, Florida

• Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon for Nuestra Belleza Mexico and Miss Venezuela

• Laser Liposuction specialist teacher in Conferences International Symposium Dr. Vergara, August 2013-2014




• Creator worldwide technical brachial suspension (hanging rejuvenation with minimal incisions arms), November 2005.

• Pioneer nationally in conjunction with Dr. Victor Mendoza Martínez Liposculpture Lasser in Mexico.

• Creator worldwide in conjunction with Dr. Victor Mendoza Martínez laser techniques buttock firming, firming arms laser, facial Endolifting laser (laser facial rejuvenation), I firming body cutaneous laser, marking abs and obliques, pecs, lats and trapeze or back, marking biceps, triceps and shoulders for men and women.





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